Winter Formal Pep Rally

On Friday, Marlington held a pep rally for winter formal. The pep rally was so loud, the floor vibrated from the band. In the beginning, winter sports teams were recognized. After a few short cheers, the court for winter formal was announced. The freshmen attendants were Rylin Pauli and Cooper Scarlott. Hailey Sitosky and Cody Cook were the sophomore attendants. The junior attendants were Mackenna Hoover and Noah Bixler. Kristy Schmucker and Tyler Nidy were announced as the senior attendants. Finally, The queen, Vanessa Atkinson, was escorted by her king, Eric Beal.

Mason Creager hitting Mr. Spondyl with whipped cream.

Nearing the end of the pep rally, Marlington’s Interact club set up chairs for teachers to be hit in the face with a pie by the students. Those being hit were Mrs. Shaub, Mr. Spondyl, Mr. Jefferies, Mr. Denny, Mrs. McAlister, and Mr. Bush. At the end of the rally, Mr. Pepper shaved his head in support of Saint Baldrick’s Foundation. The Saint Baldrick’s game will be on the 15th of February.


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