What's The Earth's Shape?

Imagine the year is 1400. There’s no way to understand what the Earth looks like but incredible minds like Galileo Galilei and Nicolaus Copernicus used math and the observation of other planets to prove scientifically that the Earth is a sphere and it rotates around the sun with the heliocentric theory. These wonderful minds gave their lives work not for you to think the earth is still flat.

From the dark ages into the Renaissance, mankind didn’t have an understanding of the world they lived in besides the ways of everyday life. The churches of the era were constantly asked about ways the world worked and the average people of the time looked to the church for all their needs. When they asked how the world was shaped, the church said it was flat and since the church had the power, it was fact (Galileo’s Copernicanism, Britannica).

People challenged this and later, after years of testing and trials, it was proven and then confirmed once satellite imagery depicted that there was, in fact, a curvature to our planet. But then, people got bored. There is a group of people who have been attempting to disprove this fact and they call themselves “Flat Earthers.” They continually believe that the government and science are both trying to hide the “ Flat Earth” and for no particular reason. They constantly use non-reliable theories that haven’t been backed up by testing or facts. For example, they do not agree that gravity exists.

There is a part of science that is what keeps mankind’s creative minds dormant and it’s called scientific denial. Science is nothing more than a way of understanding how everything works. Scientific denial is when people ignore fact and testing and if something is even happening, like climate change. So when Flat Earthers constantly test, yet continue to ignore the results, they take the progress of science in the opposite direction. Jeran Campanella and Bob Knode are famous Flat Earthers who have actually tested and attempted to scientifically prove the Sphere Earth wrong. With extensive studies and research, they have found nothing. For example, Knode and Campanella’s team had purchased a Ring Laser Gyroscope which cost them thousands of dollars and then disproved their theory. The situation that makes this different from how usual scientific experimentation concludes is that Knode and Campanella insisted that something was wrong and not actually giving them correct data.

With all of this in mind and with all of the confusion that may cause this to be seen as stupidity, there is only one thing to ask. What do you think?




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