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Try it, You'll Strike it

As the Marlington Bowling team reaches its third year of being an official sport for the district, they are expecting to be bigger and better for this upcoming winter season - with even more students looking forward to participating.

Coaches Beth Shick and Thomas Dull were very amenable in talking about their hopes for the season, the goals that will be reached among the players, as well as a little background from their previous season.

The season officially began on Friday, November 1st. The team had their first meeting to go over hand strength and discuss all of the events that will take place; from practices, matches and fundraisers.

Resuming in the new year, there will be the JV Hornet Bowl and 14 more matches before wrapping up the season. Sectional Tournaments will continue even after the season for all who qualify. Their hopes for the season are to be a more competitive team, to enhance and grow the Marlington Bowling program and to instill a love of bowling with all participants.

From the previous season, they have lost one senior from the girls’ team and five seniors from the boys’ team. Remaining members are planning to return and bowl again this season along with several new athletes. With the absence of these seniors, there will be some effects on the team.

The team’s coaches say they have a year of growth and development for the boys’ team, and will likely only field a varsity team due to lower numbers. They claim they have also lost some spirited personalities, and hope others will step up and fill their shoes. The girls’ team is returning with six strong players, possessing a more competitive force this season. As far as gaining players, there are several planning to join the girls’ team. Students are still deciding on team involvement, so they currently do not have an exact number yet.

Leadership has set goals for this season’s teams: to become better bowlers, stronger athletes and to come together as a team so they may support one another throughout the season. They also hope to win more matches along the way.

Expectations go hand in hand with goals. The coaches expect their athletes to get out and bowl in the offseason especially. They are encouraged to include friends, family, and hopefully interested classmates in practices year-round. With Beth and Tom being bowlers themselves, they try to coach in a way that the team would want to be coached. They are learning new things every day as newer coaches, too, and hope to improve along with their players.

The first match is the Early Bird Tournament at Park Center, which will take place on November 16th. An overview of the season’s schedule includes a conference match on Monday, November 18th against Alliance at the Alliance Elks Club. There will be six more matches before the holiday break.

When asked about the league’s biggest competitors, the coaches responded, “Our biggest competitors are truly ourselves. Bowling is a mental game more than a physical one. We must stay focused and believe in our skills to perform consistently and confidently.” [sic]


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