Tri-M Welcomes New Members

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Tri-M Graduating Class of 2019

On May 9th, 2019, Tri-M, Marlington’s music honors society, added a new wave of inductees to its ranks.

In order to be inducted into Tri-M, a student must be involved in either band or choir, be in their Junior or Senior year, hold a GPA of 3.2, exhibit leadership and overall excellence as a musician. Members participate in community events, assist in the opposite music program’s concerts, attend meetings and show leadership within their group while assisting those younger than them.

Tri-M 2018-2019 Members

This year’s new inductees include: Evelyn Bullock, Erica Headley, Jorja Kline, Luis Montelongo, Lilyan Ronske and Ashley Tarter.

The Tri-M Committee consists of Bret Pendergast as Chapter Advisor, Kassandra Kurtz as President, Daniel Greco as Vice-President, Elizabeth Narris as Secretary, Christina Dager as Treasurer, Alivia Collins as Historian and Rylee Miles as Audio/Visual Coordinator, but elections will soon be held to include new inductees in the voting process.

New Inductees

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