Tri-M Music Honor Society Joins Marlington

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Marlington High School has welcomed a new honor society to its community, while also holding its very first induction ceremony this Tuesday, December 11th.

In order to be inducted into Tri-M, a student must be involved in either band or choir, be in their Junior or Senior year, hold a GPA of 3.5, exhibit leadership and overall excellence as a musician. Members participate in community events, assist in the opposite music program’s concerts, attend meetings and show leadership within their group while assisting those younger than them.

This year’s new inductees include: Alivia Collins, Aidan Comfort, Christina Dager, Daniel Greco, Rex Jackson, Nicholas Kish, Kassandra Kurtz, Kaitlyn Maley, Rylee Miles, Elizabeth Narris, Jordyn Ritchie, Riley Sampson, Alison Sanor, Danica Sedoris and Alexandrea Thomas.

2018-2019 Tri-M Committee Members

The first Tri-M Committee consists of Bret Pendergast as Chapter Advisor, Kassandra Kurtz as President, Daniel Greco as Vice President, Elizabeth Narris as Secretary, Christina Dager as Treasurer, Alivia Collins as Historian and Rylee Miles as Audio/Visual Coordinator.

Tri-M Music Honor Society has added a new chapter to Marlington High School. Tri-M, or Modern Music Masters, is intended to promote excellence in the musical programs it becomes a part of. Tri-M is like any other honor society, including having a cord to wear on graduation day. Only five students from each class and music program are chosen per year, so selection is exclusive and that much more valuable. More students will be tapped in this coming spring so they may join the Tri-M family.

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