Third Quarter Heat Up Leads to a Cool Down

On Tuesday, the Marlington Boy’s Basketball team took a devastating loss against the Northwest Indians at their first home game with a score of 41-57.

Sophomore, Connor Evanich put 20 points on the scoreboard, with 12 of those being 3-pointers.

The Dukes struggled to find their game throughout the first quarter though, which kept them 8 points behind Northwest.

Marlington discovered many opportunities in the second quarter to score but were only able to obtain 3 more points, making the score 11-27 going into half time.

Coming out of the locker room, the Dukes found some excitement. As soon as Evanich scored a 3-pointer in the first minute, the game started to heat up. Marlington and Northwest went back and forth ending with a score of 33-39 for the third quarter.

Both teams knew that they had to bring their all in the final quarter and it was shown, but Marlington once again could not get their game together. Turn over after turn over, the Indians scored. The Dukes fell short in points with an ending score of 41-57.

The Dukes will travel to Carrollton for a league match on Friday, December 13th.


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