The Results are in!

Marlington High School held its 8th annual science fair, Wednesday night on February 5th.

Overall there were 58 projects and 16 of them were rated with a superior, 37 with an excellent rating, and 6 good ratings.

Students that are currently taking honors chemistry, chemistry, or honors physics are required to participate. They were given the option to work on their projects individually or with a partner and they have known that they will be participating since the beginning of the school year.

The top individual project was Noah Bixler and the top team project was Danny Grimes and Caleb Carr.

Students who receive a superior rating are eligible to participate in the district science fair held on March 14th at The University of Mount Union.

District science fair participates include:

Eduardo Diaz and Jaelyn Summers; Alexis Sabatino and Katherine Beamer; Cassia Comfort and Logan Waite; Sam Dine and Jacob Charlton; Alison Landon; Caleb Carr and Danny Grimes; Evan Bland; Willa Oles and Olivia Schillig; Ashley Closky; Hailey Confalcone and Lauren Keithley; Brianna Kurtz; Phillip Ryan; Jayden Mitchell and Ella Wright; Walter Bungard and Noah Graham; Claire Gerber; and Noah Bixler


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