The Haunted Halls: Part 1

As some may not know, Marlington is harboring dark paranormal secrets beneath its seemingly innocent core.

Marlington first opened its doors in 1961 after complaints of overcrowding in the Alliance High School Building. Marlboro, Washington, and Lexington Townships all merged together to form a new school for grades 10-12.

Previously, the plot of land the school was built on was swampy farmland, but there are no recoverable records stating this. On its own, the land itself does not seem like a place of haunting energy, but what happens a few years after its construction was cause for a decades-long phenomenon.

After three years of Marlington being open to the public, the first death was pronounced from Marlington’s newly-built football stadium.

Jerry Joseph Frank was the son to Mr. and Mrs. Leo Frank and the oldest of four. He had the representation of a great kid in school and on the field. He was involved in the National Honors Society and starting fullback for the Marlignton football team.

Jerry was 17 years old when his life was taken from him. During football scrimmage, as he tackled another player, Jerry snapped his neck receiving a fracture in his third vertebrae.

The team reported that Jerry had his head down when he went in for the tackle causing his neck to snap.

Dr. William McCrea, the team physician, sent him to the Alliance Community Hospital and from there was sent to Aultman Hospital. While at the Alliance Community Hospital, Jerry was diagnosed as paralyzed and in need of surgery. He died a few days later the morning after surgery and was buried at Saint Joseph Church in Maximo, Ohio.

People in the community believed the football equipment was not to fault for Jerry’s death; instead, the incident was seen as a freak accident.

Marlington has remained open for 58 years since 1960-1961. The high school has gone through decades of change and with that change came the growth of rumors and “campfire” stories circulating throughout the student body.

The former student, Jerry Frank, in the class of ‘62, was researched by The Grand Duke writers and found to be the first student to die from Marlington.

Many believed his death to be a freak incident and moved on in their daily lives. As The Grand Duke searched through yearbooks and school files, much was left a mystery to the writers, such as what clubs Jerry participated in, how he acted during school hours and after, along with explanations of who caused his injury.

One fact was apparent throughout the research; Jerry Frank had been injured and later died from an accident that happened on the football field.

There is a deep history of obstacles Marlington has had to face as a community but the appearance of a Marlington ghost is not often thought of. Although as for the janitors, a ghost seems to be quite apparent in Marlington High School.

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