The Haunted Halls FINALE: Part 4

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

Lori Drawl graduated from Marlington High School in the year 1978, however, her story with this school was not over. She has been involved in paranormal activity since she was in high school, and now she is a certified medium, iridologist, and hypnotherapist. We have asked her to come and perform an investigation to solve the mystery of these sightings after a brief interview.

Once in the building, she did not want to know names or specific details. She started the investigation with an interview, only discussing general subjects over the paranormal encounters.

One tool she used was her dowsing rods, an instrument used as a way of spirit communication or detecting minerals. After going through the gym, where the majority of the activity originated and performing her standard procedures, she came to a definite conclusion.

There is no ghost in Marlington High School.

Drawl said that there was no lingering spirit haunting the halls; this does make sense, for Jerry Franks’s accident didn’t technically happen inside the building. While there is no traditional “spirit” here, the apparition that was being seen is simply a manifestation of energy. According to Drawl, certain populations of people in different stages of life release varying levels of energy. She mentions the possibility that Mr. Cannon may also have spiritual abilities; these people, typically referred to as mediums, have connections to spiritual energy and can sense things “normal” people can not.

Despite this, there is no guarantee that the school can never be haunted. There is always the possibility of a wayward soul making its home in these halls. Be on the lookout for any spectral evidence, and have a Happy Halloween!

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