Swisher Leads as Varsity Girls Soccer Takes Down Canton South

This past Wednesday, MHS varsity girls soccer sent Canton South packing in a dominant 8-0 victory. Leading the team was Cali Swisher, as she took the lead and scored within the first two minutes of the game. The rest of the girls worked hard, keeping their defense and offense up throughout the entire game. The game was set in motion after the second goal by Olivia Ryan. Natalie DiRuzza and Mikayla Robinson had clear runs towards the goal in which were saved.

At half time the score was 4-0, with Swisher adding a goal in the last 2 minutes, making that her third goal of the night. In the last 20 minutes Coach Katie Sanderson switched up the positions letting Maria Hoebeke be striker and Cali Swisher take to the defense line. Maria Hoebeke added another goal against Canton South with an assist and goal from Pilar Montelongo and Olivia Ryan following shortly after.

Natalie DiRuzza and Cali Swisher celebrate after scoring. Photo from Alliance Review.

The entire team played that night. Each girl provided some form of positivity to the plays. The girls' encouragement for each other and teamwork set the game up as a win from the very beginning.

The girls kept consistent throughout the entire night: Cali Swisher had 5 goals and 1 assist, Maria Hoebeke had 1 goal, Olivia Ryan with 2 goal, and Pilar Montelongo with an assist. Sarah Taranto saved three for the Dukes. Overall, the night proved to be a commanding one for the team, one in which they will hope to follow for the rest of the season.

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