Spanish Honors Society Inducts New Members

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

A new school year has begun, and with it comes a fresh generation of students eager to learn a foreign language. To encourage this, the Spanish Honors Society holds an annual induction ceremony welcoming new members to the world of Spanish.

Inductees must be dedicated to learning the language, as well as maintaining a B average in Spanish, a 3.3 GPA overall, and participating in Spanish 3 or above. Current members are also required to attend all meetings and take private tutoring outside of class. Members are eligible for scholarships and travel awards.

Spanish Honors Society members joined by new inductees.

New inductees include: Aubyn Boyce, Madison Bryant, Morgan Campbell, Tristan Confalone, Emma Dine, Ella Dipold, Emma Goettel, Joshué Hernández, Karina Hernández, Logan Kirkland, Payton Knoch, Molly Louive, Mary Mason, Logan Perduk, Krystin Perry, Lillian Ronske, Mackenna Ryan, José Tovar, and Savannah Waffler.

2018-2019 Cabinet members are Alivia Collins (President), Billy Bugara (Vice President), Morgan Peterson (Secretary), Christina Dager (Attendance Secretary) and Angel Borbajo (Treasurer).

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