Six Wins Later

On October 25, Marlington’s football team pulled through with a score of 31-24 versus West Branch.

West Branch started strong leading with a touchdown in the first minute, which kept the Dukes on their feet. Marlington’s Ryan Cooley scored a touchdown shortly after the Warriors, followed by Macagey Laure’s attempt to add an extra point, which was blocked.

Heading into the second quarter, the Warriors added three more points to the scoreboard from a field goal. Anthony Sabatino then scored, adding six points for the Dukes, but another one of Laure’s kick was blocked. Marlington scored twelve more points, leading with a score of 24-10 going into half time.

The Dukes came out stronger than ever following the half. They knew that they had to keep fighting to stay ahead. Nik Tortola earned a touchdown nine minutes into the quarter. Laure’s kick added a point to the board. However, the Warrior didn’t give up, they gained seven points before the end of the quarter.

While the Dukes were not able to score in the fourth quarter, West Branch managed to slide by and added seven more points.

The game consisted of many fouls, blocks, and several interceptions.

Marlington is currently on a six-game winning streak with hopes to make it seven next Friday when they go head-to-head against their rivals, Alliance.


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