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School-wide mental health day(s)

School-wide Mental health day(s) are used to give kids a break from schoolwork and to do activities to relieve stress and help them feel better about themselves. If a child is feeling mentally down they should talk to someone like one of their favorite teachers, a school counselor, parents, or a therapist.

People can take mental health days when they are off from work or school and on the weekends. If they need a day off really bad then they can call off from work or school. If they feel really stressed or their anxiety is really getting to them it would be good to stay home and have a day to themselves to relax.

A couple ways to know if a child needs a mental health day is if they are more emotional than usual, easy to make mad or they cry often. If they seem depressed or seem to isolate themselves. If they try to avoid going to school or their work. To help the kids make them feel safe and pay attention to everything they are saying or what they are not saying. If they need help, be there number one supporter.

To have mental health days in school they can have them in the library, classes, cafeteria, etc. There are different stores people can go to get supplies for mental health days in the schools. They can bring in support animals, games, or food. They can ask speakers to come in and talk to the kids.

Mental health days are important because they help relieve the stress that the children are carrying on their shoulders. They can help the children do better in school and can help cleanse their minds. Mental health days can help the kids know that they are truly never alone. If a person is struggling with mental health they can go to the doctor or a therapist to get a diagnosis so they can know what is wrong and they can tell the insurance companies what a person is going through fits the medical care needs.

Instead of having a mental health day this year, Marlington High School is thinking about doing a community service day.


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