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School Clubs at Marlington

Marlington High School has many opportunities for you as an individual to be involved in, so join a club! They offer just about anything you are looking for; giving you the advantage to express yourself and to become a leader.

Some of our newer clubs that are offered, are Creative Writing, Gamer’s Club, and Robotics. These are your more “hobby” type clubs. You will compete in writing competitions; and will also compete if you join Robotics. If you have a passion for writing, Creative Writing will fulfill your imagination. If you like the idea of technology, how stuff works digitally, or engineering, you will find Robotics to be fun. If you absolutely love video games and competing with others in the virtual world, Gamer’s Club will keep you locked in.

Other clubs that have been around for a longer period of time are Character Counts, S.A.D.D, and Interact. If you have a good heart and want to give back to the community, Character Counts would be perfect for you. If you are someone who always makes better better choices and decisions but also want to see others make the same, S.A.D.D. is your route. If you have plenty of time on your hands and have the desire to volunteer that time, and aid the school and community, Interact would be a great fit for you.

Along with being apart of a club, you will also meet some pretty awesome teachers who are willing to run these functions. Mrs. Kohmann is one of the special education teachers who is in charge of Character Counts. You can find her in room 505. Mr. Denny is the technology education teacher who does Robotics. You can find him in room 103. For Creative Writing, there are two teachers who run it and they are Mrs. McLaughlin, who teaches English 12 and Creative Writing, and Mrs. McCoy who teaches Honors Journalism, English 9, and Honors American Literature. You can find them in rooms 404 and 406. Mrs. Morrison does S.A.D.D; she teaches Integrated Science, Chemistry in the Community, and Chemistry. She is in room 207. Mrs. Shaub runs Interact. She also teaches Honors Chemistry, Chemistry, and CCP Chemistry. You will find her in room 108. And finally, Deputy Bogunavich runs the Gamer’s Club. She is the most important figure for our school because she protects us. You can find her in room 504, which is Mr. Bush’s room, or if you need to talk to her about a concern, her room is across from the office between Mrs. Lowmiller and Mrs. Villilo’s rooms.

These clubs all meet at different days of the week as well as different times. Character Counts usually meets a couple of times a month, especially when they have an event coming up. Robotics takes place 9th period, Creative Writing meets every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30-4:00, S.A.D.D. meets once a month. Interact will be meeting next Wednesday at 7:15 before school starts, and, they usually meet once a month. Gamer’s Club meets Tuesdays from 2:30-4:00. The sooner you sign up the better! If someone is trying to encourage you to sign up, take a listen. All of these clubs will more than likely allow you to join at any time of the year. The benefits are endless when you become involved in a club. A couple of these clubs will give you opportunities for a scholarship such as engineering for Robotics. If you want to continue to be a writer, look into becoming a journalist or an author even. People’s views and opinions matter too, therefore you could make a difference in the world if you decide to go for a group like Character Counts or S.A.D.D.

Joining a club adds to your high school experience. You meet new people or get to know them better, and you learn new skills that you may use in the future. They provide a place where students like you can build relationships with caring adults who can help imagine a better future and develop the skills needed to make your future a reality. Lastly, it gives you a well-rounded resume; it can make an impact on your communication skills, creative thinking, and teamwork with others.


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