Running Runs in the Family

Brother and sister duo, Sophomore, Noah and Freshman Bella Graham traveled to Hebron to compete for state on Saturday.

On Friday, students and staff stood in the hallways to send off our runners and wish them luck.

During the cross country state meet Saturday, Bella finished 35th with a time of 19:24. Noah, on the other hand, had a great lead being in eighth place in the first mile but was not able to continue running to finish the race.

Noah and Bella aren’t the only ones in their family that have a history of running. Missy (their mother and current coach) and her brother, Rob Graham were runners at Marlington. Missy Graham went to state 8 times throughout her high school career (four for cross country and four for track).

Noah and Bella’s grandpa states" The banner was made in the 1990s for Missy Graham and her brother Rob. After they graduated then we had it in the bag and it just came out for this generation."


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