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Robot Rock

Robotics Club has been in operation since Mr. Denny’s arrival in 2015, and yet most of the student body doesn’t know of its existence. The Grand Duke Staff reached out to said engineering teacher and Club Supervisor, Matthew Denny, to get more information about this club.

“Each April, we go to 3 day-long competition in Pennsylvania called the National Robotics Challenge,” he explained. “There are different events that we build specific robots to compete in with different schools.”

Last year’s competition was an impressive success, winning gold in the autonomous vehicle and sumo challenges, with silver in bot ball and bronze in hockey.

This year, they plan to participate in the autonomous vehicle, sumo-bot, hockey, pick and place, combat, rescue robot, and the bot-ball competitions; challenges of land, air, and sea.

Despite assumptions, this club is not just about “building a robot;” it’s programming, teamwork, design and problem-solving.

After knowing the expectations, anyone is encouraged to come to practice. For more information, see Mr. Denny or any preexisting member of the team. Best of luck to the Robotics Club for another successful season!

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