Music in Our School Choir Concert

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The choral department of Marlington High School continues to amaze their audiences, as apparent in their recent concert on Tuesday, March 19th. Their outstanding performance, coordinated by director Mr. Al-Hadid, included songs from various genres, as well as other countries and languages.

The choir concert included performances from Mixed Choir, which sang “Et In Terra Pax”, “Pure Imagination”, which included solos from Logan Waite and Cassia Comfort, and “Shumayela”, a traditional South African song that featured very animated choreography done by the singers.

Duchess Voices performed “My Romance”, “In the Gloaming”, and “It Could Happen to You”, featuring solos from Heaven Garren and Morgan Peterson.

Advanced Women’s Chorus sang “And This Shall Be for Music”, “The Seal Lullaby”, and “Cangoma”.

Duke Street’s portion of the concert featured songs “Blue Skies”, “I Wish You Love”, and “Moondance”.

The final performance included songs “If Ye Love Me”, “Lux Aeterna”, and “Bridge Over Troubled Water”, done by Marlington Chorale.

Pianist Timothy Shilling accompanied the various choir groups in their songs throughout the show.

The Marlington High School will be putting on the musical “Beauty and the Beast” on April 5th through 7th in the auditorium. Later this month, choir students will be attending the Gold Company Vocal Jazz Festival on March 29th through 31st.

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