Ms. Herrick: Marlington's New Oil and Gas Technology Teacher

Marlington High School has gained a new staff member, Ms. Herrick, to its Oil and Gas Technology program for the 2019-2020 school year.

Ms. Herrick is formerly from the area, as she graduated from Minerva High School, and decided to further her education at schools including; Hocking College, Ohio University, and is currently attending Kent State University where she is obtaining her master’s degree in education.

Ms. Herrick was working in education for the Ohio Division of Natural Resources working in crop life in southern Ohio. She wanted to get back to northeast Ohio and has always enjoyed the educational parts of her job.

Hearing that there was an educational position back near home appealed to her, along with the ability to work with high school age students. Ms. Herrick believes it will be for preparing the students for future careers in an area where she has such passion.

Tremendous love and gratitude comes to mind when Ms. Herrick thinks about her job. While getting the chance to speak to her, she said that the best part about Oil and Gas Technology would be the abundance and variety of jobs that are close to home that Oil and Gas Technology has to offer.

Ms. Herrick revealed that there are many different directions that students can choose if they want to work in the field once graduating high school. The program can also lead students to continuing their education in the twelve month training programs or four year college programs.

Ms. Herrick loves nature, which leads to countless hobbies she enjoys, some of there activities include hunting, fishing, trapping and hiking. In addition to her joy of being outside, Ms. Herrick also enjoys learning new things, spending time with family and her secret joy of cooking.

With the settlement to join the Marlington High School teaching staff, Ms. Herrick has found that she has no dislikes about Marlington. Since joining the Marlington High School teaching staff, Ms. Herrick is finding that she is liking everything about Marlington. Ms. Herrick is appreciating the culture of Marlington and how everyone comes from different backgrounds.

Furthermore, Ms. Herrick was very pleased, from being a first year teacher at a new school, to learn how “the students and staff have been so friendly and genuine” and the support from Marlington’s administration has been tremendous. She finds it to be in a very comforting environment and feels the full support from Marlington. Ms. Herrick feels like she can better guide her students in the direction that they need, as there are wonderful qualities in every student.


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