Mr. Tanner: Marlington’s New Horticulture Teacher

Marlington High School has introduced a new staff member, Mr. Tanner, to its program for the 2019-2020 school year; bringing new ideas and new learning styles for students involved in Horticulture.

Mr. Tanner is previously from Akron, as he went to East High School, and continued his education at the Ohio State University in Wooster where he studied horticulture. After graduating from the Ohio State University, Mr. Tanner went out into the horticulture industry and worked there before returning to education.

After the former horticulture teacher, Mrs. Woods, left Marlington High School, a friend of Mr. Tanner’s had recommended to him to apply for the job. Despite having to make a big change in his life, he came to the decision that Marlington was the perfect fit for him and his family. A big reason that lead him to working at Marlington High School with his wife who works at Lexington Elementary School.

Great appreciation comes for horticulture as Mr. Tanner loves everything about it. While speaking to him, he said that his favorite part about horticulture would have to be watching a plant grow from a seed to a mature plant. Mr. Tanner revealed that the best part of his job would have to be the job success that you get from growing a plant into a successful crop.

Mr. Tanner has a wide range of different hobbies that he enjoys. He comes from a big soccer family, he enjoys soccer and his son is in the Marlington Select Soccer Club, which is a youth soccer club for students from Marlington. Mr. Tanner’s son is in 8th grade and hopes to be involved with the Marlington High School Boys Soccer next year. In addition to his joy of soccer, Mr. Tanner has a great passion for tattoos as his wife’s family owns Bad Boys Tattoos. Although he revelved that he regrets most of the tattoos he has had done, his favorite tattoo is a portrait of his son.

With the decision to join Marlington High School, Mr. Tanner has no dislikes about Marlington. He really likes the small town feel of Marlington and especially having come from a bigger city, it’s a different atmosphere as he hopes to stay at Marlington forever. He has always worked far away from home but really enjoys being closer to home and trying to spread the knowledge of horticulture to students.


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