Mr. Motz: Marlington's New Teacher

Marlington High School has welcomed a new staff member to its faculty for the 2019-2020 school year, creating new opportunities and ideas for students enrolled in his classes.

Rob Motz, resident of Canton, Ohio, joined the Marlington staff over the summer after previously being employed at Salem High School for 9 years. Filling many of Mr. Hamilton’s former responsibilities due to a staff change, Mr. Motz teaches US History, American Government and Pop Culture.

After being asked to work at Marlington High School in June of 2019, Mr. Motz made the difficult decision to leave behind close friends at his previous school in order to work at a better district that is closer to home but also face challenges in his new employment.

Mr. Motz sees himself as an “unconventional” teacher, using uncommon teaching methods so that students may enjoy the education process. While he greatly misses teaching psychology, Motz prefers to teach history classes. While speaking to him, he revealed that he never intended to become a teacher, but planned initially to become a history professor, although he later decided that it was not for him due to constant moving and lack of personal relationships with colleagues.

Rob Motz enjoys difficult challenges, with hobbies including backpacking, running endurance, coaching middle school cross country and high school track, and being a husband and father to a 19-year old son and a 12-year-old daughter.

With the decision to join the Marlington family, Mr. Motz wishes to stay as long as possible so that he can become close with his students and fellow staff members in the future.


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