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Mr. Gulling is Back

A staff member has made a return to the Marlington district for the 2019-2020 school year and is back to finish what he started.

For a time he remained at the middle school; but after his two year absence, he has found his way to the high school, with more opportunities continuing his teaching in History. Welcome back Mr. Gulling, we missed you.

Mark Gulling, resident of Canton, Ohio, is previously from Louisville where he was born and raised. He went to Louisville High School, then graduated from Akron University, where he received his degree in History. While in high school, he coached football; following that path at Marlington where he is now the head coach.

Transitioning back into teaching, Gulling informs that there weren’t any major changes since he was already familiar with the school and how the kids are and how they learn.

He says the reason he came back is because it is closer to home and for previous relationships he’s had with the students and the staff. He simply likes teaching and was very excited to come back, as he mentions a number of times throughout the interview.

As much as he enjoyed teaching at the middle school, he prefers the high school more. He admits he did not quite like it at first; he just needed time to adjust. He refers to the shift as ‘different’ since he had also taught high school at Tuslaw.

With every start, there has to be a reason for why it began in the first place. Mr. Gulling goes into great detail on exactly how he ended up at Marlington.

He shares, “There was a guy that was a coach and teacher of mine that I had at Louisville and he got the head football job here when I was about 19 or 20 years old and I started coaching with him. Then while I was in college I got my education degree and as soon as I graduated my student teaching, there was a couple social studies positions open here and I was fortunate enough to get one of those.” [sic]

Because Gulling serves as both head coach and a teacher, he plans on staying at Marlington for a long time. He likes the community, and he sees it as a place where his kids could go. Some of the things he really likes about the district are the kids and how it’s such a laid back atmosphere as far as the relationships with different people.

Gulling does not work anywhere outside of Marlington since he is busy with teaching and coaching. His hobbies include playing with his nearly 3-year-old son at home, coaching, golfing in the summertime, and hanging with friends.

What he likes most about teaching history is looking at certain things and seeing why things happen, and the theories out there as something happened in history, how would it affect the way things are now; as well as the cause and effect of things.


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