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Meet the Candidates Night: Part 2

As the shifted from district to funding, Ryan and Hippley, along with Hegans and Stevens, turned to focus on how they would help the district's revenue.

How much revenue will the Nexus pipeline bring to the district, and how do you plan or propose to use the 2020 payment?

R&H: "The first payment is 1.2 million and the second payment is 1.8 million. We agree we should not be spending money we do not have. The board currently has a fund on where that money is going to go."

H&S: "We feel we can’t count our chickens before they hatch. Once the money is established and it is promised to us and given to us, they want to use that to be fiscally responsible in repairs to all 3 buildings and in repair for the high school and middle school."

What is your view on subcontracting non-educational jobs?

R&H: "We are firmly against it."

H&S: "We are against it. We feel that we have a great staff already so why would we want to step away from them?" (Mentions how we are not cheap at Marlington).

Do we know specifically if the levy and bond issues failed due to a consolidation or due to a rejection of a tax increase?

R&H: "40% always votes no, whether that be renewal or new money- they’ll always vote no. We are taking an educated guess."

H&S: "It was always for consolidation. Relying on a survey makes us very fearful for the school district as well as our country. 62% voted against consolidation. We could not truly know unless we went door to door."

Each year less and less money is put towards music and the arts. It is proven that music is just as important as esteem in the development of children. What is your stance on the arts and money to support it?

R&H: "We are in full support of whatever the students are involved in. We do not have a problem to advocate funds. Over 70% of the funds are already spent on staff. 30% is spent on bussing, building repairs, and technology and we know every year that our funds get cut. We don't know quite yet on how to contribute more with the funds but will look into it."

H&S: "We feel the art and the music department is a great impact on Marlington students and is a confidence builder. The board is forced to strike a balance as far as funding. We have to find a way to balance everything out and put everything into perspective."

Are there issues that you would potentially support for the better of the district even if you personally oppose them? If so, what might those be?

R&H: "We are not quite sure without the specifics."

H&S: "We are not quite sure without the specifics."

If a group raises money for an improvement to the school such as a locker room renovation or something along those lines, would you accept the donation and allow it to be used for its intended purpose or would you vote against it?

R&H: "We would accept the donation from the group. Recently we had the technology initiative with devices half of that was paid for from the community and the turf field established. The community is offering their help to move the school forward. Both athletic boosters have paid over half of it back. We want to acknowledge where our money is going."

H&S: "If we want to see where our money is going, both sides should be mentioned and respected as well. We are very fortunate to have donors and community members."

Voting for the school board will take place on November 5th. For early voting you can go to the Stark County Board of Elections.

Elections will be held on November 5th at your local voting stations.


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