Marlington wins on Homecoming Night

On October 4th, Marlington went head-to-head with the Salem Quakers, to win with an astounding score of 24-16.

Marlington took control of the game within the first half. Senior Andrew Carr made the first touchdown of the night off a pass from senior quarterback, CJ Greiner. Senior Anthony Sabatino took control of the offense throughout the half, pushing Salem’s defense back one first down at a time.

In the second half, junior Nolan Hooker and Sabatino pushed through the Quakers to earn a touchdown for Marlington. Junior Macagey Laure scored six points for the night, earning three from a 38-yard field goal. They rose the score to 24-0.

During the fourth, Salem made a small comeback that was quickly shut down by the Dukes. Marlington held 313 yards gained over Salem’s 111 yards for the night. The score ended 24-16, with the Dukes in the lead.

Marlington breaks through banner before Homecoming game.

With a few wins under the Dukes’ belts, Marlington plays away next week at Minerva.


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