Marlington wins off and on the court

At Marlington, September 17, the girls’ volleyball team took on Minerva and won in three sets.

Senior Maggie Fellers led the team with fifteen kills along with sophomore, Jillian Fellers’ two aces. Senior, Leah Springer, and sophomore, Malory Bennett served a total of 17 points for the night.

Coach Tortola emphasized the effect the plays had on the game.

“The girls had a tremendous serving game and the Fellers had hard attacks. We played a great game and got to put younger girls in. Everyone contributed to this win.”

Minerva struggled to keep up with Marlington as with each serve seemed to add another point for Marlington. The girls kept the pressure for the entire game and succeed with a quick three-set win.

It was not only a win on the court but also for Volley For The Cure. The girls raised a total of 800 dollars for two students, Logan and Lucas, who had been diagnosed with cancer.

With an overall record being 13-1, the girls' volleyball team looks ahead to the next game.

“We face it day by day, working on new plays and mastering skills.” Coach Tortola answers when asked what the girls are doing to prepare for upcoming games.


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