Marlington struggles against Kenston

On Saturday, September 14, the Marlington Girls’ soccer team took on Kenston at home, while the girls fought hard Kenston proved to be too much and the scored ended 4-2, Kenston.

The game started out slow for Marlington with Kenston controlling the ball. Senior, Reilly Lutz, and junior, Cali Swisher, took shots but were blocked by Kenston’s goalie or defense.

Within the first ten minutes, Kenston scored twice on Marlington, deflating Marlington’s spirits. The girls pushed the ball down the field although with every advance Kenston was quick to get possession back.

Freshman, Emma Jackson, held Kenston at 2 for the first half. Along with senior, Sierra Thompson, and freshman, Ava Collins, Kenston’s offense was being stopped left and right.

With the referees against them, Marlington had started to take a few hits. Lutz went out after being hit in the eye by Kenston. Although the girls keep their heads high and move to increase the pressure against Kenston.

Earning a corner kick against Kenston, junior, Olivia Ryan, looked for Swisher to score. A moment of struggle for Kenston led to Swisher scoring the first goal of the night for Marlington.

The score at this point was 2-1 and Marlingtons’ hopes began to rise. With Marlington taking possession of the ball, they rushed Kenston and moved the ball around keeping the defense on their toes.

Another corner kick was called and again Ryan looked for Swisher. As the ball went into play, Swisher sprinted for the ball and scored with fourteen minutes left on the clock. The score was then 3-2.

They worked hard to keep the momentum but as time ticked down, Kenston had stopped all advances.

The girls kept their heads high despite the loss, going into the next game with hope and aggression. They play Saturday, September 21 at Marlington Middle School Stadium against Coventry.


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