Marlington Season Opener

Marlington played their first game this season at Poland Thursday night. As game time rolled around Marlington fans started to fill the visiting side to support their team. The boys lost many seniors in the past season but had a lot of younger players to step up into the positions. Over the summer the boys worked hard to be ready for Poland and season to come. Many practices happening twice a day.

The game started off fast for Marlington. Defense covered some offensive plays by Poland causing three fumbles. Marlington and Poland stayed at a standstill for the first quarter with both defenses pushing each other back and forth. On the offensive end, Ryan Cooley and Nik Tortola pulled the team closer to the touchdown zone. CJ Greiner made the play happen by throwing completed passes to the wide receivers. The quarter ended with neither team scoring.

Marlington pushed the defense back to the ten-yard line at the beginning of the second quarter. Shortly after gaining so many yards penalties were called on Marlington causing the team to fall back. Marlington moved the ball around to split the defense and muscle their way through to the first down. The game was focused on Marlington as they held the offensive for most of the quarter. As a last resort with only a few minutes left, Marlington’s Macagey Laure kicked a forty-two-yard field goal. The kick brought the game to 0-3, Marlington.

As the third quarter commenced, Marlington struggled to hold Poland both offensively and defensively. With every ten yards gained, Marlington lost five for penalties. With their defense struggling to close gaps, offense tries their hardest to keep themselves in the game. Antony Sabatino split Poland’s defense multiple times to gain a few yards but the run never lasted long. Marlington gave up 17 points throughout the quarter.

Marlington stormed into the fourth quarter, holding the offensive side of the game. CJ Greiner led the comeback, having a fifteen-yard run, boosting Marlington’s spirits. As Marlington snapped the ball to Greiner, 1 made a quick move allowing himself to find the open area. As Cooley caught the pass he saw an opening and sprinted to the end zone. Marlington had caught their second wind, with another touchdown by Sabatino. The score was 24-23,

Marlington had to make a decision. Everyone stood as they waited for Marlington to make their move. With a minute twenty-two left Marlington goes for the two-point play. As the play commenced and the offense moved to complete the play, Poland intercepted the pass. The game ended 24-23, Poland, but not without Marlington putting their all into the game.


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  • Savanah Angel

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