Marlington Goes Old-School with Video Announcements

Marlington has brought back the age-old tradition of morning announcements broadcast via video, starting on Monday, January 13th.

While the regular morning announcements used to be transmitted through analog television sets mounted on the wall of each classroom, Marlington has modernized by creating a YouTube channel by the name of “Marlington HS News”. Each teacher then shows their class the morning announcements after the morning’s Pledge of Allegiance, led by Gabe Sullivan.

However innovative this new method may be, there will always be flaws, which have been apparent to those watching.

Each video is pre-recorded, leaving the possibility of breaking news to be left out and remaining unnoticed to students relying on the announcements for information. This could easily be remedied by the channel taking advantage of YouTube live-streams, but would also bring a new set of challenges, including memorization of lines and the inclusion of clips from other organizations.

The new televised program is hosted by Gabriel Sullivan, a student-favorite, who already was in charge of the audio-only morning announcements.

A glaringly obvious issue is that of when Gabe is absent. Twice now the school has faced this problem, both times remedying the situation by attempting to animate a still image of the school mascot. Upon first seeing the substitute host, many viewers were left disturbed by the unnatural movements of Duke’s face, while his arms remained completely still, conveying little emotion.

The already unsettling display was accompanied by a deep, manipulated voice resembling that of a criminal attempting to conceal their identity.

Although the new system has only been in place for a few weeks, it is likely that flaws will be worked out and organization be improved in the future for the enjoyment of its viewers.

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