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Marlington Girls Tennis Defeats Salem

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

The Marlington girls tennis team finished 5-0 on Tuesday evening. They played very consistently and diligently, showing Salem that they were no match for them.

The Dukes started out strong, and continued to throughout the entire game with making point after point with each set. In terms of the game, you must win six games which is normally the first person to make it to six. If two sets are won, that’s the game. And that is exactly what the girls accomplished Tuesday. If by any chance the sets were 1:1, they’d have to play a third set.

First single was Mary Mason (Junior). She had a great swing with every ball she returned to the opposing side. Second single was Stella McConnell (Junior). She stayed persistent throughout the entire game. Third single was Elizabeth Mason (Freshman). It’s not easy competing 1 on 1 or by yourself. Each one of them showed no sign of giving up.

Mary Mason making her way back into position after scoring yet another point

First doubles were Ella Dipold (Junior) and Sarah Lane (Senior). Second doubles were Gracie Humphries (Senior) and Alison Landon (Sophomore). Both doubles worked together to rack up more points for the game as well as the team; it was a success afterall. After every point made they would periodically touch rackets, reassuring that they had each other’s back as every teammate should.

Gracie Humphries in the beginning of a great serve


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