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Marlington Girls Soccer Defeats St. Mary

On September 23rd, Marlington Girls Soccer defeated St. Mary on their home field with a 3-2 win.

Scoreboard of the final scores: Marlington Wins!

In the beginning of the first period, senior Reilly Lutz made a goal, scoring a point for the team. Twice, the Dukes encountered a Corner Kick- restarting play in a game when the ball goes out of play over the goal line. The period ended with Marlington 1 and St. Mary 2.

Reilly Lutz and Callie Swisher attempting to make the winning goal

With only one period left, the Dukes continued to fight for their victory. Junior Callie Swisher makes a goal; tying them 2-2. As the game goes on it becomes highly competitive. So much that #15 Pilar Montelongo is injured and is walked off of the field and #10 Shaylee Miller is called in to take her place. Callie Swisher makes the winning goal, and it is a sight. With the ball being fought over and creeping towards the goal, the goalie falls to the ground giving Marlington the advantage. Callie kicks the ball and Reilly Lutz assists her, following it into the goal.

Callie Swisher returning from making another goal


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