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Marlington Girl's Soccer Defeats Alliance Aviators

On Wednesday night, the Marlington Girls Soccer team defeated the Alliance Aviators in their first district match, with an impressive score of 6-1 on their home field.

With only a few minutes into the game, junior Calli Swisher scored the first goal. Shortly after, Swisher scored the second goal for the Dukes.

Further into the first period, the ‘contest’ more intense and competitive. Foul play was made when Pilar Montelongo trips over an Alliance player, who slides in front of the ball to guard it from going past. This raised pandemonium in the stands as well as a comment made from a parent: “Is she sliding into first base? This isn’t baseball!”

Senior Mikayla Robinson was substituted in, and she played a strong game. Several other attempts for goals were made by Swisher and Reilly Lutz but the goalie stopped each one. The crowd became excited when senior Sierra Thompson rushed towards the goal, until Alliance defenders caught up to her. She passed the ball to a teammate but as they kick it in, it bounced off the outside of the net.

The ref then called a flag on our behalf, making us lose 40 yards. Montelongo with the ball in her possession made a smart decision and let it go out of bounds with how close Alliance was chasing after her. It doesn’t take the Dukes long to bounce back though, as Lutz scored the third goal of the game, leading into halftime.

The second period of the game began and right off the bat, Swisher adds to the Dukes 4-0 score. A penalty is given on behalf of Alliance, and Marlington is given a free kick. Everyone becomes silent as Swisher stands behind the ball, focusing in on it. The ball flies right into the net, and by this point in the game Marlington is racking up even more points. Calli’s performance doesn’t stop there; Lutz assists her, and passes the ball. Alliance’s goalie takes a fall and the ball finds its way back into the net.

Our consistent score of 6-0 is thrown off a little when the Aviators scores their first and only goal of the game, but are no match for the Dukes when Swisher scores the final goal of the game ending it with 6-1.

As the final goal of the game is being made, Shaylee Miller is thrown off of the field when her knee is injured. She lays on the ground in tears as parents and coaches surround her, making sure she is okay. The Alliance player who was guarding her when it happened approaches her, showing concern for her injury as well. With this she pats her arm in a good game sort of way.

The Dukes celebrate their win with running across the field and back as the crowd cheers for them.


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