Marlington Gets Swept By West Branch

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The past Friday, West Branch and Marlington went head to head in a heartstopping game till the last four minutes. The Warriors defeated the Dukes by a score of 62-50.

With a few teammates out on injury, the team had to pick up the slack and still play with 100 percent effort. The boys pushed the ball up and down the court, setting the tone for the game. As the second quarter commenced Coach Evanich was able to switch in the bench to push the intensity up a notch. The Dukes filled the gap between the two teams to 26 to 24 at half with West Branch in the lead.

Photos taken by Maddie Bryant

The first four minutes of the third quarter set tone for the second half with the Dukes missing a few important shots and West Branch capitalizing on those misses. The Dukes intensity decreased greatly in the first few minutes only to pick back up with Connor Evanich, Cameron Bennett, and Blane Himmelheber hitting important shots in the final few minutes of the third quarter making the game 45 - 36 with West Branch pulling ahead.

Photos taken by Maddie Bryant

However, the comeback fell short and Marlington was handed another loss on the season. The team will face Alliance this coming tuesday at home.

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