Marlington Gets Pinned by Salem

On Thursday night, January 15, Marlington hosted Salem and lost 30-39 during the final matches of the night.

Marlington won seven out of the thirteen matches for the night. Michael Varner, Lee Hall, Isaiah Harrison, Dakota Garrett, Brenden Hamilton, Mason McCarty, and Michael Bixler won their weight classes for the night.

Although Salem ended the night with two injured wrestlers, they still proceeded to hold Marlington.

Senior, Varner started the night off strong for Marlington with a pin in the 160 lb weight class. However, Marlington could not continue the energy as Salem quickly took the lead.

As the final match came closer, Marlington started to close the gap. McCarty and Bixler both defeated Salem, leaving Adam Blasiman being the final match.

Salem overpowered Marlington in the end, forcing a nine-point lead.

Senior Mason McCarty was also given his 100th win award, something he achieved during a previous Wrestling tournament over the past weekend.


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