Marlington Food Drive 2018

After collecting canned goods, boxed foods, and more for a week for the annual Marlington food drive, it has officially been announced a success! Over 1100 items were donated to the Salvation Army on Tuesday, while another 200 were donated to a local family in need earlier this week. While talking with her, Mrs. Kohmann said that the drive collected close to double of last years food drive.

There were 16 classes with points equalling over 10 per student, including the classes of Phillips, Groff, Woods, Farrell, Norris, Burgess, the office aids, Sheckler, Brady, Boron, Shaub, Morrison, Wise, Kohmann, Denny, and Vililo.

Six classrooms will be receiving rewards for collecting the most food: Receiving donuts will be Mr. Groff’s class with 3258 points, and Mrs. Phillip’s class with 999 points. Receiving hot chocolate will be Mrs. Woods’ with 1793 points total, and Mr. Farrell’s classes with 1363. Receiving candy will be Mrs. Norris’ class with 363 items, and Mrs. Burgess’s class with 1262 points.

Mrs. Kohmann would like to thank everyone for another successful year on the food drive. And congratulations to all the winning classrooms!


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