Marlington Defeats Minerva by a Landslide

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The Dukes finished 71- 45 on Friday night. The place was packed for the home game against Minerva.

Marlington started out strong with Andrew Pucci and Blane Himmelheber hitting threes successively. With Marlington pushing the intensity with each run, they quickly took the lead of the game. Minerva struggled to keep up, ending the quarter 17-9. The second quarter showed no difference of play for Marlington as intensity increased so did the score. Marlington went into halftime with a 16 point lead.

Boys come out of the huddle ready to destroy Minerva. Photos by Maddie Bryant.

The Dukes kept the intensity constant throughout the third and fourth quarters. Defense was key for the Dukes as Minerva became more physical and fouls started to add up. Marlington rotated the bench in fast and got brakes for the starters frequently. The third quarter end with Marlington 56 and Minerva 31.

Himmelheber set a new school record of 16 assists in one game and finished with 15 points while Pucci led the team with 33 points.

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