Marlington Community Raises Funds For Childhood Cancer Research

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During the Friday night basketball game against Minerva, the Marlington community raised over $5,000 in funds going towards childhood cancer research. The event - where funds were donated to both the Team Trevor and St. Baldrick’s foundations respectively - was a huge success as it is every year, with a huge turnout from the community at large.

The funds were raised primarily through a select few of Marlington High School’s extracurricular clubs.

Led by President Andy Grimes, the high school’s Interact Club led the fundraising for the St. Baldrick’s foundation. They accomplished this by selling themed t-shirts throughout the previous week, with a large portion of the income coming during Friday night’s game. Members from the club helped set up the vending table for the shirts and other arrangements before the game.

Marlington’s chapter of the National Honor Society also helped in the overall fundraising, as they set up a homemade bake sale stand in the vending area. The sweets were made by the members of NHS themselves, and were sold by donation throughout the entire night.

Lastly, the high school’s Character Counts club helped to set up the concession stand and other activities in the outside area during the game. A number of members from the club helped to make the night as great as possible, as all of the clubs accomplished in full.

In short, the night was again a success for the Marlington community. What was originally a startup idea for a very small community has turned into a meaningful and important night for the development of childhood cancer research. Both the students who took the time out of their day to assist in setting up the night and the people who participated in the large outpouring of community support have a lot to be proud of.


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