Marlington Community Celebrates Its Annual "Community Day"

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

This past Friday, the Marlington community celebrated their 7th annual Community Day before the home football game. The event features activities tailored towards younger kids within our elementaries, such as face painting, a video game truck, a bouncy house, and various fair games for the kids to try out. Food and drinks were also provided by way of a cookout headed by some of the Marlington staff members. The gathering was seen as a way to bring families within the district together and showcase to them how much the Marlington administration really cares about their community.

The event is organized and coordinated by Marlington School District Superintendent Joe Knoll. Mr. Knoll - a Marlington High School alum - has been leading the gathering since his job as Superintendent started, and he has been mostly responsible for the event’s repeated success over the last few years. He had noticed a lack in district representation before his first year as Superintendent, and thus he devised a plan to create more of a bond within the community.

“My goal was to bring the three elementary schools together to work on a project that brought the community together”, says Knoll. “Since it's the first week of school, it’s like a welcome back to school year (for the kids).”

He also mentions the fact that the gathering is also an opportunity for the parents to join together in celebration, as he goes on to state: "even the parents can get involved too... it's also nice for them (to meet)".

Mr. Knoll takes a great amount of pride in the work he has and is getting done to make this event as outstanding as possible, and the totality of all the hard work certainly pays off to him. Being that he is accustomed to the High School as an alum and growing up in the area in general, it's easy to see exactly why he has such a passion for this community overall. This notion is reflected in the success of this year's iteration.

If there were any year to exemplify this community's enthusiasm and commitment to supporting the overall reasoning for this event, this would be the year to pick so far. Looking at how many people attended the event despite the gloomy and rainy weather in full effect throughout its entirety will tell the story in full. A lot of this has to do with a sense of pride that the community members take in where they're from.

Mrs. Francis - who was in attendance and monitoring the face painting station - put this pride into words that adequately represents this district as a whole.

“A lot of us are from Alliance, and we don’t really have a city or a town. This is kind of like our town center, or our own little city”.

Taking what she said into consideration, this event is something like a statement on the district's behalf to the rest of the city of Alliance. Marlington wants others to know that they believe their community can be just as strong as the next - and their way of proving this is putting on events such as these. The success is dependent on the people in the community itself, and judging by the results of this year’s event and ones prior, things are going extremely well for Marlington as a district.

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