Marlington Citizens Committee Prepares for a Critical Season Ahead

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

The Marlington Citizens Committee recently met for the second time this year to discuss some of the district’s most central issues and processes that surround this year’s voting season. The committee is solely focused on working towards getting Issue 3 passed in this upcoming November’s ballot.

Issue 3 revolves around the creation of a brand new, modernized elementary school just across the street from our middle school. The elementary school would take the place of Marlboro Elementary, which is set to close down after over 50 years of service and education. The issue will also fund improvements and additional modernizations toward the high school as well.

During the meeting - headed by “For Marlington Schools” coordinator Jeni Menegay and Superintendent Joe Knoll - the citizens committee detailed a number of initiatives and goals for the education and advocation of the passing of this issue. Examples of these include t-shirts being made for Marlington community members, providing fact sheets to inform the public, and various campaigning locations: such as at sporting events, the annual community day, or other public circumstances in the community.

Among these examples lies an underlying initiative that was profoundly focused on throughout the meeting - that being an increase in student advocation. The committee believes that with a rise in students involvement, more members of the community will be inclined to support the bond and vote for it. “Anyway the students can be involved, it needs to happen”, Mr. Knoll states.

The motto for the campaigning of this issue is “The Time is Now: Vote for Issue 3”, and this statement reflects the sentiments given throughout the committee’s meeting. This issue has appeared on the ballot in a few different forms for the past few voting seasons, and it has yet to gain a substantial following. Combine that with the how they believe that our schools are ready for modernization, it is very clear that the members of the committee are absolutely ready and willing to tackle this year’s season.

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