Marlington Boys Overtake Canton South

On Tuesday, September 10th, the varsity boys soccer team defeated Canton South with a 10-0 win on their home field.

Right off the back, freshman, Wyatt Lutz scored with assistance from senior, Quinten Mottice setting the pace of the game. Soon after Lutz, senior, Jose Tovar scored twice off Morris and junior, Nate Hottinger.

The boys kept possession of the ball most of the night which helped them keep their hopes high. Junior, Macagey Laure, and senior, Cole Redd scored keeping the intensity high for the team. Senior, David Sutton scored on the assist from Carlos Orellana Correas and another by himself bringing the score to 7-0 by half time.

Quinten Mottice fighting for the ball. Picture taken by Mikayla Robinson

At the beginning of the second half, Marlington took most of their starters off to give the younger players varsity time. This allowed the younger players to show the coaches what they could do.

Forty-five minutes into the game the score went to 8-0 with Canton South making the mistake of scoring within their own goal. Carlos Orellana Correas put the ball in the back of the net making the game 9-0 with assistance from freshman, Caleb Carr. Finishing the game the Dukes won 10-0 with the final goal of the night made by senior, Justin Horning.


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