Varsity Boys Basketball Falls Short in Home Opener

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Marlington Varsity Boys’ Basketball held their home opener this Thursday against Canfield. Leading up to the game, the Dukes were waiting with anticipation for the chance to get revenge on the Cardinals after they lost to them in the football playoffs.

The Cardinals quickly took the lead in the first half with great intensity against Marlington but the Dukes fought back. The Dukes quickly cut into an 8-0 run on Canfield and ended the first quarter with Canfield in the lead by 5. With the second quarter starting, Marlington used their bench and came out strong and aggressive. The Dukes ended the first half with 42 - 37 but that only made them work harder.

Blane Himmelheber shoots in the final seconds. Photos by Maddie Bryant

Blane Himmelheber, Andrew Pucci, and Cameron Bennett led the comeback in the third quarter. Marlington pushed the ball up the court, trying to catch the defense off guard. With fouls flying both ways it came down to foul shots and speed between both teams. The score was 50 - 46 with Canfield still in the lead at the beginning of the fourth.

The crowd and teams started getting into the game as the Dukes took the lead for a moment during the fourth. As the teams scored back to back Marlington gave all they had, pushing the competition to run faster and faster. The Dukes stuck with Canfield throughout the entire game until the last 4 minutes. Canfield pulled away and ended the game with 80 - 62 against Marlington.

Andrew Pucci sets up to drive past the opponent. Photos by Maddie Bryant.

The boys gave Canfield 10 turnovers but recovered with 10 steals throughout the game. Blane Himmelheber led with 16 points, with Andrew Pucci and Cameron Bennett following with 15 points. Connor Evanich ended the game with 11 points. The Dukes played aggressively throughout the entire game despite falling short at the last second. The Boys play away at West Branch next Friday.

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