Marching Dukes Play The Festival of Champions

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

On September 29th, the Marching Dukes of Marlington performed in Lexington, Ohio at Lexington High School’s Festival of Champions. Not being one of the band’s annual competitions, they did not know what was waiting for them as they walked through the grounds to find their designated rehearsal area. As the band took the field, all eyes were on them.

The band began their competition show, “Nevermore”, lying on the ground forming the shape of a raven and stood up to play through their first song. After a short pause, Main Field Commander Marc Vichnar counted off the band for their second song “The Raven”, featuring trumpet soloist Kassandra Kurtz.

To bring a more solemn mood, Pit Percussion began song three, “The Cask of Amontillado”, and was soon followed by soloists Isabella Delmoro (Flute), Alison Sanor (Clarinet), Alivia Collins (Alto Saxophone) and Luis Montelongo (Baritone Saxophone). The band later joined and the song concluded with the soloists playing along with a held note by the band.

For their final song, “Madness”, the Marching Dukes picked up the tempo and came to a close with two eerie pitch bends and powerful notes from the band resembling a heartbeat. They marched off the field confident in what they had just achieved.

In the awards ceremony, Marlington earned 3rd place in Class A with an Excellent rating, finishing 8th overall. The Grand Champion of the competition was Grove City High School, clinching a state qualification along with Nordonia, North Royalton, Westerville South and Lexington

The Marching Dukes are directed by Bret Pendergast, Battery Percussion by Allen Marshall, Pit Percussion by Jarret Ochsendorf, Woodwinds by Sloan Stakleff, and Color Guard by Melinda Marshall, along with Field Commanders Marc Vichnar and Christina Dager.

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