In Response to the Recent Influx of School Shootings - A Student Perspective

Updated: Sep 5, 2019

A view of one of the entrances into the high school.

On February 14th, 2018, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School was savagely attacked by a former student. This resulted in the most deadly high school shooting in US history, as seventeen students and faculty members’ lives were taken. This infamous day left our nation thinking about what we could do to combat these repeated instances of school shootings across the country.

Through the lens of a young student in a very small and oblivious community, this horrifying event has haunted my thoughts for the past year. No matter how much I would like to believe that the faculty at Marlington High School does their best to keep us safe, I cannot shake the disgusting thought of a psychotic killer infiltrating my school and leaving our innocent students in the same wake as those who died in Parkland.

Superintendent Joe Knoll had presented many opportunities for our district to become much more safe during numerous board meetings in late 2018. Unfortunately, these proposals - which included the likes of panic buttons, increased surveillance, and additional exits out of each classroom - were promised to be implemented with the passage of Issue 3 on the 2018 ballot.

The levy did not pass, and we are left in our current-day building which was opened in 1961 -- a time in which gun violence in schools was not at the forefront of this country’s issues.

Though current administration has done their part in increasing safety via the addition of another full-time school resource officer at the high school and time-sensitive lockdown drills, our schools have yet to secure a sense of safety in the majority of their students’ minds.

It ultimately comes down to the unsafe stigma that we as a select amount of students are subjected to when going to school each and every day; it is a stigma that is in part created by our everyday environment.

An additional view of an entrance into the high school.

There is a notion that we as a district need to understand; rather than continuing to go about our daily procedures as if these repeated tragedies are a passing glance, we must learn from the miscues and hardships of our fellow Americans and those whose lives were taken much too soon.

Over 1,200 young members of our nation have died from gun violence since the shootings in Parkland last February. I pray every single day that my fellow peers will not fall victim to this ever growing list due to any circumstances present.

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