Hustle and Heart Set Them Apart

After a rough season last year, the girls’ basketball team is looking forward to a winning season this year with strong returning and incoming players.

Marlington’s girls’ basketball has always been an upbeat team, usually trying to outrun the opposing team during games. They move the ball fast and requires complete focus on the floor to find the open person.

Coach Stadulis mentions, “As a coach, I am always positive and encourage my players to always do their best. I love the game and I think that comes through in my coaching style. I am looking for the girls to always play hard and I think that in terms of a coach I expect them to realize that they can always beat anybody and always believe in themselves.”

After a 9-13 record last year, Coach Stadulis expects more out of his players this year. He emphasized, “never giving up, always believing in yourself, play without fear and doubt so you can play better.”

The team lost five great seniors last year but with the new season came new talent. Freshman, Maria Warner, looks to take control of the point guard position and make the most of this season.

Warner recounted that “I think we can win a lot of our EBC games and maybe EBC champs but I know West Branch and Salem are good but I think we will be one of the better teams. Coach Miller pushes us to condition harder than the middle school did but it is going to help us in the long run and Coach Stadulis helps guide us, especially as freshmen.”

Maria looks positively at the season, hoping for an undefeated year; meanwhile senior, Leah Springer, focuses on the teamwork side of basketball.

Springer emphasized “I definitely think winning EBC would be a good goal of ours although last year we weren't very team oriented so a good goal for the seniors would be to step up and make the team closer. My personal goal is to bond with the girls and make the younger girls comfortable this year.”

The girls give credit to the coaches for how far they have come in their basketball careers.

Springer continued that “The work ethic that we have has been instilled in us by our youth programs and our coaching staff does a really good job at keeping practices upbeat. Our first 30 minutes with Coach Miller definitely pays off even if people don't enjoy it because we have to be ready for the fourth quarter. They make us want to work harder each day.”

Junior, Allison Lacher emphasized that “The coaches are having us do more conditioning this year and are focused more on our shooting to better ourselves for the season.”


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