The 2018 MHS Homecoming Dance

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

Marlington’s homecoming was held Saturday, October 6th in the Moulin Center. As people walked in, music was blasting and friends were talking. The dances held at Marlington are truly picturesque from an aesthetic standpoint. It is the one time in a year where all grades act as one and have tons of fun. Students dance with people that they never would have talked to in school.

Homecoming was based around the movie, “The Greatest Showman” this year; in which the decorations corresponded to greatly. Red and white balloons lined the ceiling and the lights danced around like fireflies throughout the dance. Music from “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack was played during the dance also, making the night an even more special night for the students.

Homecoming dance floor. Photos taken by Mrs. Knisley

The success of the thematic elements of the dance can be attributed to the Sophomore Class Advisors Mrs. Shaub and Mrs. Knisely, who put a great amount of effort into nearly every aspect of setting up the dance overall.

“(The success) was really thanks to our class officers”, Mrs. Knisely said. “The balloon artist (Mrs. Stocker) too, everyone involved helped so much.”

Homecoming entrance. Photos by Mrs. Knisley

To top the dance off, Anthony Sabatino and Maggie Fellers - the homecoming king and queen - danced with the rest of the court to “Rewrite the Stars.” It was quite a magical experience for all who were there to witness it. Between the laughs, pictures, and food, this homecoming will be one for the books.


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