The Haunted Halls: Part 2

Updated: Oct 30, 2019

Marlington’s ghost is a well-kept secret among the Marlington community; specifically, Marlington harbors the secrets of its past with the custodians.

While working, they run into different situations every day, although few would think of a ghost being one of those daily occurrences.

Custodian Jeff Cannon has had many encounters with Marlington’s ghost, with each story proving to be a little more traumatizing than the last. Mr. Cannon has been working at Marlington for the past six years, although he had his first encounter with an unknown phenomenon during the first two.

The entity named François by, another custodian, Annie, was first encountered by Mr. Cannon one night after a basketball game.

In order to get the exact details of what happened between Mr. Cannon and apparition, Marlington’s Grand Duke staff sat down and talked about his own experiences within the Marlington hallways.

TGD: What time of day did the first sighting occur?

JC: He was a nightwalker. He is not active during the day, only once everyone leaves.

TGD: What was your reaction?

JC: I thought someone was playing a joke on me, but then as I was searching for the person, no one seemed to be there. Then I saw the ghost.

TGD: When and where did you first encounter the ghost?

JC: Mr. Pepper had let the custodians leave early for the night. I stayed a little bit later to finish cleaning the boys’ locker room. There is an old door in the hallway containing the gym teacher’s office. It has a recognizable bang when it’s closed. I heard the door open and close several times but when I looked down the hallway I didn’t see anyone. I had been making my way through the locker room when I heard the banging again of the old door. I asked, “Hello? Who’s there?” I heard more opening and shutting of the door. I looked towards the office and saw a glow coming from the gym teacher’s door. Then I saw him. He was tall and skinny. About 5’6 and weighed 140 pounds soaking wet, if he could have been wet. He had no feet and just floated there. I never saw the front of him, only the back. He was dressed in all black. He spun and went towards the girls’ locker room. I ran through the gym to cut it off, but when I got there, nobody was there. I turned towards the intersection in the 500 hallway and again there was nothing. It was 9 o’clock now. As I look down the 200 hallway again, I saw him. Standing by the concession stand. He stood tall like Abraham Lincoln. He went towards Dymonte Thomas’ jersey, then down the 300 hallway. I sprinted down the 200 hallway towards guidance. I was hoping to cut it off at the stairs but when I got there, there was nothing. I turned the corner and looked down the 300 hallway and saw nothing again. As I went back down the 200 hallway, I could feel my hairs stand on end and it got really cold. I could feel the presence of something being there. From that day on I have heard noises around the gym and can tell he likes the locker rooms.

TGD: Do you know of any other ghost experiences at Marlington?

JC: Andy, the custodian before me, had also seen the ghost. Betty and Annie once stood in a hallway talking when Annie turned to Betty and asked if she felt cold. Betty had said ‘yeah, I do feel cold, and my hair is all sticking up.’ Annie replied with ‘François just walked right through you.’ I’ll tell you what, I heard noises up until the day I left Marlington High School.

TGD: Why do you refer to the ghost as François?

JC: The janitor, Annie, gave the ghost its name. I don’t know why he was named that by her.

TGD: Is the ghost still active now?

JC: No, the only place that I have encountered a ghost is Marlington High School.

TGD: Do you believe the ghost could be Jerry Frank?

JC: I do not know Jerry Frank. I know he was important to Marlington and probably did something important while in school but I can not confirm that it is him.

TGD: Who else have you told?

JC: I told other teachers and Betty about the ghost sightings but they all laughed at me.

While Mr. Cannon’s explanation of the sightings and experiences gave background into the first witness account, The Grand Duke staff was still left wondering what other occurrences had happened and who knew of them.


The Grand Duke is run by the Honors Newspaper and Journalism class at Marlington High School, and administered by Kaytlin McCoy. 


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