Girls Softball Struggling To Come Back

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

On Saturday, the Marlington girls softball team faced Norton at home and fell by a score of 8-1.

Starting the game off was Norton, pulling a 4 to 0 lead in the first inning. Laura Kohlman stopped Norton defensively with a quick 3 outs, giving the Dukes the chance to catch up. Kate Mcfarland hit a triple starting the team out strong while Sarah Chunko backed her up and hit her home.

Laura Kohlman pitching for Marlington vs Norton. Photos taken by Maddie Bryant

As inning three commenced, the Dukes struggled to stop the offensive aggression from Norton. Morgan Custar stopped Norton by catching a fly ball in left field making the third out. The Dukes were now in a deeper pit with the score being 8 to 1.

The score stayed constant for the next 4 innings with Marlington racing to catch up with Norton. Chunko made a double play giving the Dukes their opening to come back. While the Dukes came close they did not score for the rest of the game.

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