Girls Soccer Defeats Tallmadge In First Playoff Game

The Marlington Girls soccer team took on their first tournament game at home this Thursday. Leading up to the game, the girls had to work around football games and practices, many times not getting on the field till 8 o’clock at night. They worked hard during the week preparing for the game on Thursday.

Calli Swisher lead the team, once again, by scoring within the first 10 minutes of the game. With Reilly Lutz and Lauren Landon back, the team was stronger and Coach Sanderson could move the girls back to where they started in the beginning of the season. Maria Hoebeke getting off the defensive line and moving to a stronger position added strength to the dukes.

Cali Swisher races down the field. Photo from Alliance Review.

At the end of the first quarter was 2-0 with Marlington in the lead. The second half consisted of Reilly Lutz, Evelyn Bullock, and Calli Swisher having good runs towards the goal, but with each falling short. The game finished with Calli Swisher having 2 goals and Sarah Taranto having 3 saves.

The girls will visit St. Vincent-St. Mary and play them in the district semifinal next Monday. Go support the girls as they hope to keep their season alive!

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