Girls Golf Victorious In Tri County Tournament

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Marlington’s varsity girls golf team pulled out a triumphant victory this past thursday in the Tri County Tournament held at Zoar Golf Course. The girls defeated 15 other teams on track to capturing the title, and there were many notable performances all around.

Leading the team as their #1, Erica Headley shot a 79 - good for second overall in the entire tournament. The team’s #3, Bella Warner, was not far behind as she shot the third overall score with an 81. The duo proved to be exactly what the team needed to propel them above their competition and into the leading spot for the entirety of the tourney. Other notable scores came from Kaitlyn Engelhart and Haley Hamilton, who shot 88 and 93 respectively.

The team’s score came out to 341 - far ahead of any of the other teams’ totals. This showing accurately reflects the girls’ dominance throughout the entire season so far, as they’ve recently finished their season with an EBC title going undefeated in all league matches. As they’ve shown throughout the past few years, the girls golf team has performed at an extremely high and consistent level - certainly keeping up with and even at times surpassing Marlington’s other succeeding fall sports teams.

The team will prepare to compete in the Stark County Girls Golf Tournament on September 22nd (with a story to follow), and then will end the regular season off with matches against GlenOak and Perry. Be sure to support the team as they continue their profoundly successful year.

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