Freshmen fall to Alliance

On Thursday, September 12, the freshman football team went head to head with Alliance. While the team fought for the win, Marlington struggles to finish ending the game 46-0 against Alliance.

Within the first half, Marlington struggled against Alliance’s defense. The boys resorted to punting the ball many times during the fourth downs. Alliance had scored within the first three minutes, diminishing Marlington’s hopes for a win.

The freshmen football team against Alliance.

Caden McFarland gave the team some hope with a thirty-five yard run. Although the half ended with Marlington still struggling to finish.

In the second half, Marlngton started to catch its second wind. While Alliance continued to break Marlington’s defense, Marlington offense gained yards slowly against Alliance.

With flags flying against Marlington, Alliance continued to move farther up the field. With a final sprint for the touchdown, Caden McFarland moved Marlington to the twenty-second-yard line. Although Marlington could not keep the adrenaline.


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