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Freedom is not free

On November 8th, The Marlington High School had an assembly for our Veterans to be recognized and to express our gratitude towards them for serving our country.

The assembly started off with the Color Guard walking down the aisle and Officer Collins and Eric Cyders were asked to come up to the stage to receive plaques for their service to our country. This was the last day that Marlington High school will be able to see Mr. Cyders in full uniform as he will be retiring from the military at the end of this month.

The band played the Armed Forces Medley, and with each song, Mr. Knoll announced the branch’s song being played and people who have served, are serving or has a family member that served in that branch were asked to stand up. After the band finished Duke street sang Amazing Grace and the National Anthem

Mr. Knoll asked Mr. Hamilton to write a speech to present during the assembly. Throughout the speech, he said multiple times how grateful he is for the veterans who are serving or has served for America. In his speech, he said: “But remember all of what makes America the envy of the world has never, is never and will never be simply given.”

Also in his speech he stated “We annually hold a military appreciation night at a home basketball game and, as you can see, we find it incredibly important to honor all American veterans, but especially our local heroes at our annual Veterans Day Assembly. For these efforts, Marlington High School has been awarded a Purple Star designation by the state of Ohio.” Marlington is one of the few Purple Star Schools in Ohio.

After the assembly ended the Veterans were then invited to eat breakfast brought from the lunch ladies that was hosted by MHS in the band room.


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