Fellers Leads Marlington To EBC Victory

On October 8th, Marlington hosted Alliance for a win in three sets and Eastern Buckeye Conference on the Marlington girls’ senior night.

The six seniors, Leah Springer, Maggie Fellers, Lauren Rogers, Kaylyn Monnette, Gracie Trummer, and Emma Dine, were introduced along with their parents in recognition of the hard work they have put into the game throughout their high school experience.

Leading the team in spikes was Maggie Fellers with twelve spikes and Jillian Fellers following close behind with ten. Jillian Fellers also had the most blocks for the night with four.

The Dukes started off strong in the first set, creating a large gap between Alliance and Marlington’s points. With six spikes by Jillian Fellers, four spikes from Maggie Fellers and Lauren Graffice, two spikes from Lauren Rogers, and another from Mallory Bennett, Alliance was quickly defeated by twelve points.

During the second set, Marlington coaches played all seniors, hoping to give the seniors their own win for the night. Emma Dine, a setter, boosted Marlingotn’s score with multiple spikes. Halfway through the set, as Marlington fell behind, the underclassmen were subbed back in to finish the set. Maggie Fellers took advantage of the set with five spikes against Alliance.

The third set went quickly as Marlington held Alliance for the entirety of the game. As Marlington reached twenty points, Marlington subbed out their seniors and put in the underclassmen as the last goodbye. The Dukes won the set by seven.

With this win, the Dukes clench the EBC title for the 2019-20 season.


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